''Troy Calypso is the secondary antagonist of Borderlands 3 and one of the two leaders of the Children of the Vault, alongside his sister Tyreen. Troy is an oddity in the series, as he is a male Siren, the only one known to have ever existed. His Siren powers were stunted due to him developing as a parasitic twin.''


⋆ about

calypso / krieg - either name is fine ( im cool with nicknames too, if you think of any for me thats epic and i encourage you to use them )transmasc and gay. i hoard xenogenders and pride flagshe / him, xe / xim, pup / pups; just he / him is ok too you dont need to worry about switching it uplibra sun | aries moon | gemini risingchaotic evil, xstp-t, 6w5 or 4w5mentally ill / neurodivergent. i might disappear for periods of time or seem strange if you message me. nothing against you personally i am just braindead! kinnie; the irl troy calypso and krieg the psycho. you can ask for my kinlist if youre interested but i might just bark at you instead /lhi like collecting things ( feel free to ask about my collections! ), arcades, cooking / baking, oc design, and making digital art!i would prefer if you used tone indicators when talking to me, i am terrible at reading tone through text and it makes it easier for me to interpret what youre sayingi promise i am not a hostile person i am pretty chill! i am always down to meet new people and you are free to shoot a pm my way at any time :~)"cool dude, 10/10" - literally everyone

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i do not remember how or why i joined this site. but i did. and i cant escape its siren songmy eventual goal is to collect one of every pet! but that is a pain. so im more casual about it these daysmy favorite event is halloween! but i also adored the 2016 summer event ( the space event )my favorite part of cs is watching pets grow; i love seeing the different ways they branch off and trying to guess the theming of certain littersi love pets that fit the scene aesthetic... i also love space themed pets! i like a lot of designs. mostly dogsi name all of my pets individually and thats why youll see me with 1000+ pets in my unsorted. it takes so longi do have a couple of hoards! but i dont actively seek out pets for them, its just a pleasant surprise getting them in trades sometimesi think i know my way around the site pretty well, so youre welcome to pm me if you need any help with things. i will do my best to assist :-)some of my former usernames were zŅ”Ņ0, seb, sodas, and kuwata - you might see forums / art of mine with those

⋆ interests

borderlands ( anything related to the series )theme park history ( esp. rides! and abandoned ones )animatronics ( rae / cec, disney, furby, aibo, etc )dream smp ( i love tommy, wilbur, bbh, and quackity )minecraft ( java / bedrock, mostly bedrock atm )
friday night funkincomputer virusesvideo game glitches / anti piracy methodsdanganronpa ( thh - v3 )rhythm games ( osu!, ll!sif, rhythm heaven )spyro the dragon ( mainly the original trilogy )five nights at freddyswarriors ( the cat books )cookie runminecraftvinesauce ( mostly vinny and joel )jerma985oneyplayssupermega

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you can ask for anything outside of these. i would prefer to Not share my discord unless we've talked a few times? let me know if you friend me so i can friend you back!

xbox: sporhunds3ds: 0791-2310-9602fnaf ar: WJCN6TL28Ill!sif: 153267384cookie run: TJGGR4064